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Board of Directors

As a volunteer-based, non-profit corporation, Community Seed is governed by a Board of Directors. We hold monthly meetings that are inspired by PeerSpirit Circle guidelines. To contact us, email
Many wonderful witches have been a part of the Board over the years. The current Ship of Fools consists of……

SkotShine (President)

Shine has been working magick as a life-long passion. It called to him long before he had a name for it.

Now he creates community through public magickal acts of perfect love and perfect trust.




AngusAngus (Vice President / Online and Print Media)

In 1996 Angus McMahan was involuntarily ushered into the Craft at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England. He was the Manager of “13: Real Magick” for the first two years of its existence. Angus was a celebrant at the final few rituals of Redwood Circles and has been a regular at Community Seed events since its inception.

He is a gregarious solitary who can usually be found playing strange drums strangely at various rituals. He has been reading tarot for 19 years and is also a featured speaker at Pantheacon each year. Angus is a lego sculptor, a cross-country marcher, a crop circle inspiration, a tri-athlete and a writer of no great renown.


AnitaAnita (Secretary / Archivist)

Anita is a latecomer to Pagan practice, though she has always been interested in the occult. Growing up, she read whatever her local library had under 133.8, participated in extrasensory-training workshops, and studied tarot.  In 1998 she took a 6-week community center class called Wise Women’s Circle, which presented a variety of New Age spiritual beliefs and practices.  Six weeks weren’t anywhere near enough, so she continued by co-founding an eclectic, rotating-leadership women’s circle which met regularly around the full and dark moons for nearly 6 years.

Another compelling interest brought her to Community Seed in 2010, where her level of involvement continues to grow.  Although she has presented some Open Circles and might take center stage again someday, you will mostly find her in odd corners, playing drums and other percussion toys at rituals, sitting at the greeter’s desk, serving on kitchen or dishwashing crews, or communing with the flora.  She recently accepted the position of Secretary of the Board, and is also the caretaker of the Community Seed archive.

Steve (Treasurer / Webmaster)

Steve has been aware of the different energies of the world since he was young. This was part of why the Roman Catholic parts of his early education didn’t stick very well. After many years of suspecting there was something more fitting out there, and long conversations with his sister Cayte (who is missed) he was finally dragged to an Open Circle by NancyH. It was like coming home. Since then, Steve has (uncharacteristically) thrown himself into the group, priesting a number of open circles, a few of the large rituals, and taking up drumming and flute-playing on inspiration from … Somewhere. He’s now part of the board as Treasurer, coordinating music for many of the rituals, and coordinating the management and hosting of the Community Seed web site and other online resources.



Willow as Toto

Willow (Director)

Willow doesn’t always dress like a Cairn terrier, but when she does, she portrays Toto of the North in Community Seed’s 2012 Lughnasadh. Her favorite spiritual practices include belly dancing, gardening, public ritual, making vegetable juice, and staring raptly into the worm bin.


Matthew (Director)

Matthew is a long standing figure in the Santa Cruz pagan community over the past 20ish years having been on the Redwood Circles council and then participating heavily in Community Seed’s MatthewSabbats as participant and priest (Really, is there a difference?).   

Matthew tends to spend as much time as possible close to the earth with dirt under his finger nails and sweat on his brow.  He moved onto the Dirtheart Farmette in early 2015 in order to follow his passion in growing his own food of both the vegetable and animal kind.  Matthew is also driven to discover the deep connection to spirit that is unique as a resident in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties, looking for deity present here in the land, ocean and sky.

Matthew also strives to find a healthy spirit/family/work/self balance and feels generally successful in this.  As we say, “May it continue.” 

Amanda (Director)

Ever since she was a child, Amanda has felt a strong connection to all things Esoteric.  Often playing outside she communed with the Elements and mythological creatures.  As a young teen, she introduced herself to many books on the Craft and began a lifelong journey into Craft scholarship and practice.  Just before moving to Santa Cruz for college, she rediscovered her Celtic heritage and developed an interest in Druidic and Celtic lore as well as British Witchcraft.  She also has an interest in her Gypsy heritage as well.  Although her interests encompass a myriad of subjects like High Magick, Astrology, Wicca and comparative spirituality/religions her main focus is on Earth-based consciousness, herbal healing, connecting with the Faery Realm and reconnecting with Goddess Energy.

Amanda discovered Community Seed in September 2006 by attending her first Open Circle. She then volunteered to help with the upcoming public Samhain ritual.  After that, she was happily wrangled into working on the next public Sabbat, which sealed her fate in finding an amazing group of people to work with.  Since then she has regularly volunteered to assist with Sabbat creation.  When she isn’t helping work on rituals or Open Circles, she tries to make the Energy Walks,  Beach Cleanups, and other Community Seed events whenever possible. In the near future, she would like to finish her Graduate certificate in Ecotherapy so that she may facilitate group work on Eco-consciousness and help bring back Nature based ideals and concepts so that people may help heal themselves and their environment.  She also has strong interests in Permaculture, urban homesteading and would love to create a community garden and farm.

In her spare time you can find her hoop dancing, going to music festivals and gardening.

3OrderisrestoredAnkhira (Director)

Ankhira brings a wealth of Theatre experience, years in the trenches of fund raising for non-profits, and flowered flip-flops.

Salina (Director)SalBioPic

Salina (Sal) is an Apache Indian woman who grew up in a conflicting family dynamic of Native American culture pitted against Roman Catholicism. It wasn’t until she went to UC Santa Cruz that she was able to establish a deeper connection to her Native American roots as well as her love for the land that is Santa Cruz. Her research into Apache religious beliefs eventually led her to the wonderful realm of the occult.  However, at the time, there were no pagan clubs on campus, so Sal had to go off-campus out into the local Santa Cruz community to find others for guidance. This is how Sal found out about Community Seed. She attended her first Community Seed ritual back in 2009 celebrating the harvest and fell in love with the community. Since then, Sal has participated in a number of rituals and Community Seed events, ultimately leading to her desire to become a Board Member. Sal is currently spearheading the new UCSC pagan club on campus, “Slugs on Broomsticks.”
Salina has spent many years developing her spiritual “work” in efforts to give back to her Tribe and community. Sal is currently working with her Elders of her Apache tribe. Her spiritual practices are mainly in divination using crystals, geomancy, pyromancy, palm reading, and using pendulums. Sal also considers herself to be a “kitchen witch” and spends many hours in the kitchen cooking up anything from delicious healing dishes to medicinal concoctions to candle infusions.

Community Seed – Pagan Community Fellowship: 1 Victor Square #1632, Scotts Valley, CA 95066 (831) 469-0336

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