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UCSC Slugs on Broomsticks

UCSC Slugs on Broomsticks!

Pagans on college campuses: do they exist? Of course they do. That’s why Community Seed Santa Cruz, a non-profit Earth/Spirit fellowship, needs your support. 

This year, we want to provide workshops and services at UC Santa Cruz for students who are interested in pagan or polytheistic forms of spirituality. In doing so, we will create a safe space for college students who are open to alternative forms of spiritual expression through group rituals and private work. This will establish the kind of visible representation that creates a strong network of support and an environment for learning, discussion, and growth.

College is a time of self-exploration and personal development, and we would like to be a part of that experience. But it takes money. As a non-hierarchical, volunteer-based group of witches, Wiccans, pagans, polytheists, and others, Community Seed Santa Cruz doesn’t have the same level of financial backing that other, more centralized faith organizations possess. We just have you. No profit is made; 100% of all donations go right back into the organization to cover the costs of supplies, rented space, and campus fees.

Our second meeting this year for
Slugs on Broomsticks is
November 10th @ 
Silverman Conference Room in Stevenson, 7:30pm

Please help us in creating this magick!

Click the link below to support our GoFundMe Campaign!

Slugs on Broomsticks

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