Community Seed

Code of Conduct Policy for Community Seed

Code of Conduct Policy for Community Seed Events

We work to create a safe and sacred space where everyone can relate freely and openly, without fear or concern that their friendliness or warmth toward others may bevesica clouds misinterpreted.

So to create a safe environment, please observe the following:

  • Do not touch someone without clear permission, preferably verbal.  Do not assume that a warm touch, a smile, or any kind of personal connection is an invitation for further intimacy. Be aware that even your intimate partner may not wish to be touched in some moments; discuss with them beforehand to avoid surprises.
  • Do not approach someone with the intention of making romantic or sexual overtures.  I.e. do not try to pick up on someone.
  • Examples of unacceptable behavior
    • Unpermitted touching
    • Persistent staring, stalking, or following
    • Voyeuristic positioning
    • Crowding of personal space
    • Unauthorized photography/videography
    • Masturbation, other public sexual acts or displays
    • Any aggressive acts or threatening body language
    • Unwelcome Communications​
  • any unwanted advances, remarks, suggestions, solicitations, propositions, gestures, threats, etc. (especially if directed toward obviously unwilling persons)
  • Persistent attempts to engage another person in a clearly undesired conversation.

If you have an issue where someone has made you feel unsafe, please seek support of the Event Coordinator, Greeter, or Graces as soon as possible, so we may take corrective action (at a minimum a firm reminder, up to permanent expulsion from the festival).

The other part of creating a safe environment is that all of us are certain it will be enforced.

Acts of sexual harassment will result in expulsion from the festival.


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