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Virtual Samhain, November 1st, 2020


What is remembered, Lives….

Looks like this one is going be a Zoom ritual, too. Ah, well.

Virtual Samhain, Nov. 1st

Virtual Samhain, Nov. 1st

Samhain approaches, and the veils between our world and the next are thinning.

This year, we have a tremendous number of souls who have passed, often isolated and terrified. In this ritual we will mourn those lost, and be the light to help guide them into the next realms, knowing that they are loved and remembered.

Each attendee should have available to them:

  • ¬†Some method of self-cleansing (salt/water mixture is traditional)
  • Some method of self-charging (a bundle of herbs, a stick of incense, a candle)
  • A grounding and centering object (a small crystal, special stone, or the like)
  • A small light source (a tea light, a votive candle, an LED votive if you don’t like fire)

We will gather at 6:30pm, the ritual starts at 7pm.







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