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Lughnasadh, August 7th, 2016

Community Seed presents…

Lughnasadh, 2016

First Fruits fall into our waiting hands

The Gift is the Giver - Receive with Grace

A good old-fashioned Bardic in the presence of Deity

 SUNDAY, August 7th, Gather at 2pm – ritual at 3pm

At the George Washington Grove of DeLaveaga Park, Santa Cruz

You are looking for the second entrance to DeLaveaga, not the main entrance. Its on the left side of this Map.

Suggested Donation: $8.00 – $20.00  (No one turned away for lack of funds)

For this special return to our ‘old’ grove, we will open up the Working to all of our celebrants. Bring and share whatever it is you do: share a story, dance a dance, tell a joke, show off your knitting, share from the heart. Whatever your skill and joy is – surprise us! Better yet, surprise yourself! Offerings should be 5 minutes or less. Contact us at if you have any special requests or needs. And of course, you may certainly choose to just witness and enjoy others offerings; you don’t have to perform!

July 30th

SUNDAY, August 7th

Bring a chair or cushion – we could be hanging out in the forest for awhile. (Yeah, “oh darn”)

Potluck Feast!

You are encouraged to bring a food item to share. Please bring enough for 6 servings, and please label your ingredients, serving dish and utensils! We are circling at a bare-bones picnic area, so we recommend temperature neutral foods. Kitchen Witches will be on hand to assist. Thank you!

Air signs: Sides

Fire signs: Savory

Water signs: Salads

Earth signs: Sweets

(Drinks will be provided)

All CS events are clean and sober.

Questions? Call (831) 469-0336 or email

P.S. Yes, It’s on SUNDAY. Sunday, August 7th.

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