Community Seed

Fall Equinox Picnic, September 15th!

Spring Equinox Picnic, March 17th!

Spring Equinox Picnic, September 15th!

Fall Equinox Picnic!

Let’s all get together and have an old-fashioned picnic. In the Redwoods.

Let’s celebrate¬†the Fall Equinox on September 15th.

Let’s come together in Fellowship and good cheer and (play some bocci ball) and enjoy ourselves and our amazing Community,

Maybe have a little ritual,

And eat lots of food.

So. September 15th, 12pm – 3pm.

At the George Washington Grove of DeLaveaga Park (Where we hold Beltane and Lughanasadh).

Potluck Luncheon:

  • Fire signs bring Desserts,
  • Air signs bring Savory items,
  • Earth Signs bring Salads, and
  • Water Signs bring Side Dishes.
  • All drinks will be provided by Community Seed.

Bring your instruments! Bring your drums! Bring games! Bring the whole Family!


We’ll see you there! Woo-hoo!

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