Community Seed

Multimedia Site!

Screen capture of the CS multimedia siteYou may remember that Community Seed once had a multimedia site, where pictures, videos, and audio files could be shared easily, without some of the overhead of That Other Social Media Site. It’s still there! Come visit at the Community Seed Multimedia Site.

Due to differences in how the back-end of this new web site (and bulletin board system, it’s still there, too!) work, if you had an account before, you will need to reset your password, as we weren’t able to export the passwords from the old system.

To do that, you should go look at the page, and click on “Sign In” at the upper right. There’s a box for username. You don’t want that (it’d be too obvious, see). Below that, to the left, there’s a “Forgot your password?” box. That’s what you want. Click in the box there (it says “Send Sign In Information To”), and enter your email address.

You will receive an email with the subject “Your Member Information”. It will tell you your username, and give you a link to click on that will bring up your profile. Enter your new password (twice, to make sure you type it right both times).

From then on, it should work just like it used to, remembering what pictures you’ve seen and all that.

So come on back and take a look around, remember some old times!

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