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Community Seed Board Meetings

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Anyone can address the Community Seed Board of Directors at their monthly meetings.

Just send us a note at with what you’d like to discuss with us, and we’ll put you on the agenda!

Board Meetings happen the first Wednesday of every month, at 7pm in Scotts Valley.

Which means, in 2017, these dates:

CS-LogoJanuary 4th / February 1st / March 1st / April 5th / May 3rd / June 7th / July 5th / August 2nd / September 6th / October 4th / November 1st / December 6th

Email us at  or call us at (831) 469-0336 – we’d love to hear from you!

Blessed Be,

Amanda, Angus, Marjorie, Steve, Skot, David, Anita, Matthew and Willow!

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