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  • Community Connect!

    Community Connect! Every Friday in April Let’s try something new!  Community Connect! (Via Zoom) Come join us online this Friday (tonight!) at 8pm for some barely-structured social time!  Why Friday?  Well, it’s not like we have major plans these days… Let’s talk about how our lives have shifted because of the shelter orders, what we’ve done to keep ourselves sane […]

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  • Community Seed and COVID-19

    To our treasured Community, In light of nCoV-2019 / COVID-19 public orders, Community Seed is canceling several upcoming events. The currently canceled events are: – In-person Open Circle, on May 9th (Virtual is going strong though!) – Energy Walk at Glenwood Preserve, on May 16th Decisions about future events will be communicated through our usual […]

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  • Virtual Open Circle, May 9th, 2020

    Virtual Open Circle, May 9th

    Our next Open Circle is will be May 9th - online! So stay tuned as Jenya serves up a healthy dose of her personal brand of Juju. Zoom link: Stay healthy out there! Open Circle normally meets on the 2nd Saturday of every month at the Quaker Meeting House, 225 Rooney St. (off of Morrissey on the ‘other […]

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  • Earth Energy Walk, May 16th is canceled.

    Earth Energy Walk, April 18th is canceled.

    Earth Energy Walk, May 16th is canceled. ALL WALKS are gather at 11:45am, BEGIN AT NOON. Join us on our monthly walks, and feel the power of the Earth. Gather at 11:45am, BEGIN AT NOON. Gather at 11:45 am  Departure: 12:00 pm Return: around 2pm. FOR ALL LOCATIONS Please bring: Drinking water A small snack Hiking Shoes […]

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  • Lammas, August 1st


    Lammas Blessings of the harvest and good Fellowship to us all. Hopefully we will all be back on our feet by the 1st of August, and I’ll bet we’ll be ready to kick up our heels a bit by then. So let’s all gather in our gorgeous redwood grove and celebrate our survival of this […]

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  • 2020 Events Calendar!

    The wheel continues to turn, and we continue to plan events for you….. Get out your calendar and start plugging in ALL of these dates! January 11th, 2020: Open Circle January 18th, Earth Energy Walk, Quail Hollow February 1st, Imbolc Ritual February 8th, Open Circle March 14th, Open Circle March 21st, Spring Equinox Picnic! April 11th, […]

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  • Multimedia Site!

    Screen capture of the CS multimedia site

    You may remember that Community Seed once had a multimedia site, where pictures, videos, and audio files could be shared easily, without some of the overhead of That Other Social Media Site. It’s still there! Come visit at the Community Seed Multimedia Site. Due to differences in how the back-end of this new web site […]

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  • Code of Conduct Policy for Community Seed

    Sexual Harassment Policy for Community Seed Events We work to create a safe and sacred space where everyone can relate freely and openly.  So to create a safe environment, please observe the following: Do not touch someone without clear permission, preferably verbal.  Do not assume that a warm touch, a smile, or any kind of […]

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  • Support Community Seed on!

    Go here, click on which charity, search for "Community Seed" and then bookmark that page!

    Support Community Seed on Amazon! Yeah, we know: Not the most progressive company, but soooo handy! And here’s a way that you can utilize the convenience of Amazon AND support your favorite Pagan networking group! Just go to: click on which charity to support – its a tiny link up near the top left […]

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  • Community Seed Board Meetings

    Board Meetings - 1st Wednesday of each month!

    Did you know? Anyone can address the Community Seed Board of Directors at their monthly meetings. Just send us a note at with what you’d like to discuss with us, and we’ll put you on the agenda! Board Meetings happen the first Wednesday of every month, at 7pm in Scotts Valley. Which means, in 2020, […]

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