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2019 Events Calendar!

The wheel continues to turn, and we continue to plan events for you…..

Get out your calendar and start plugging in all of these dates!

January 12th, 2019: Open Circle

January 15th. Beach Fire, Song and Story


Earth Energy Walks…..

January 20th, Earth Energy Walk, Quail Hollow

February 2nd, Imbolc Ritual

February 9th, Open Circle

February 17th,  Earth Energy Walk, Moore Creek

February 19th, Beach Fire, Song and Story

March 9th, Open Circle

March 16th, Spring Equinox Picnic!

March 19th, Beach Fire, Song and Story

April 13th, Open Circle

April 16th, Beach Fire, Song and Story

April 21st, Earth Energy Walk, Wilder Ranch

April 26th, Sharon Knight and Winter concert

April 27th, Beltane Ritual

Open Circle

Open Circles….

May 11th, Open Circle

May 19th, Earth Energy Walk, Fall Creek

May 25th, Annual Yard Sale

June 8th, Open Circle

June 16th, Earth Energy Walk, DeLaveaga Park

June 19th-23rd Solaris Camping Festival

July 13th, Open Circle

July 21st, Earth Energy Walk, Pogonip

August 10th, Open Circle

August 17th, Harvest Ritual

September 14th, Open Circle

September 21st, Fall Equinox Picnic!

October 12th, Open Circle

Cross Quarter Rituals

Cross Quarter Rituals

October 20th, Earth Energy Walk, Crossroads

October 26th, Samhain Ritual

November 9th, Open Circle

November 17th, Earth Energy Walk, Natural Bridges Beach

December 14th! Winter Social Party

December 15th, Earth Energy Walk, Henry Cowell Redwoods (Main Entrance)

Open Circles are on 2nd Saturdays and take place at the Quaker Meeting house. Gather at 2pm, ritual at 2:30pm. More info HERE.

Earth Energy Walks are on 3rd Sundays and take place at various locations around Santa Cruz. NEW TIME! Meet at 11:45am for walks. More info HERE.

Beach Fire, Song & Story is our informal evening on the beach around a fire. 3rd Tuesdays during winter months at Twin Lakes Beach. More Info HERE.

Solaris is our big 4-day festival up in the forests of Ben Lomond. More info HERE.

Everything else will get its own page on this website as its time come closer.



Questions? We are always available at and (831) 469-0336

Want to help out? Volunteering to be on a crew is always a barrel of fun. Just let us know and we’ll set you up.

We hope to see you at any (or ALL!) of our events.

Blessed Be,

Community Seed


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