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  • Beach Fire, Song & Story

    Beach Fire, November 20th!

    Hey! New Event! Community Seed proudly presents Beach Fire, Song & Story November 20th, 7pm, Twin Lakes Beach A monthly fire on the Beach gives us the opportunity to come together to burn marshmallows, tell stories and have a sing-along with our fellow pagans. Everyone is invited, regardless of affiliation or experience! Here are the […]

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  • Community Seed Board Meetings

    Board Meetings - 1st Wednesday of each month!

    Did you know? Anyone can address the Community Seed Board of Directors at their monthly meetings. Just send us a note at with what you’d like to discuss with us, and we’ll put you on the agenda! Board Meetings happen the first Wednesday of every month, at 7pm in Scotts Valley. Which means, in 2017, […]

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  • Support Community Seed on!

    Go here, click on which charity, search for "Community Seed" and then bookmark that page!

    Support Community Seed on Amazon! Yeah, we know: Not the most progressive company, but soooo handy! And here’s a way that you can utilize the convenience of Amazon AND support your favorite Pagan networking group! Just go to: click on which charity to support – its a tiny link up near the top left […]

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  • UCSC Slugs on Broomsticks

    Witchiness on Campus!

    Pagans on college campuses: do they exist? Of course they do. That’s why Community Seed Santa Cruz, a non-profit Earth/Spirit fellowship, needs your support. This year, we want to provide workshops and services at UC Santa Cruz for students who are interested in pagan or polytheistic forms of spirituality. In doing so, we will create a […]

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  • Winter Social, December 1st!

    December 1st

    Come one, come all! Bring the family to A Winter Social! In celebration. In joy. In merriment. December 1st, 2018 at the Masonic Temple, Santa Cruz Yes: Different venue, this year. Come to where we hold Samhain and Imbolc each year, we’re switching it up! 828 N Branciforte Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062. Parking in rear. […]

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  • Open Circle for October is canceled.

    Open Circle, November 10th!!

    Open Circle for October is Canceled. We received very late notice that our usual venue is unavailable on our usual date. Open Circle normally meets on the 2nd Saturday of every month at the Quaker Meeting House, 225 Rooney St. (Off of Morrissey on the ‘other side’ of Hwy 1) The next Open Circle then will […]

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  • Earth Energy Walk, October 20th!

    Earth Energy Walk, October 20th!

    Our next nature event will be an Earth Energy Walk, October 20th! ALL WALKS IN 2018 are gather at 11:45am, BEGIN AT NOON. This month we will be a forgotten (and yet accessible) corner of Nisene Marks Park that we like to call…….The Crossroads. This is within the boundaries of Nisene Marks State Park, but off in a […]

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  • Samhain, October 27th!

    Samhain, October 27th!

    Community Seed presents… Samhain, 2018 What is death for California Pagans? A ritual about grief and rebirth  Saturday, October 27th, 2018 Gather at 7pm – ritual at 8:00 pm At the Santa Cruz Masonic Temple 828 N. Branciforte Avenue   What is Samhain in California?  Where are we?     Fires rage through our land and […]

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  • 2018 Events Calendar!

    42 Events in 2018!

    The wheel continues to turn, and we continue to plan events for you…..   Get out your calendar and start plugging in all of these dates! January 13th, Open Circle January 2oth, Earth Energy Walk, Quail Hollow January 29th, Hemlock Craft Night February 3rd, Imbolc Ritual February 10th, Open Circle February 17th,  Earth Energy Walk, Moore […]

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  • Multimedia Site!

    Screen capture of the CS multimedia site

    You may remember that Community Seed once had a multimedia site, where pictures, videos, and audio files could be shared easily, without some of the overhead of That Other Social Media Site. It’s still there! Come visit at the Community Seed Multimedia Site. Due to differences in how the back-end of this new web site […]

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